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Nearly 100,000 power battery packs has been delivered
We provide batteries with different specifications and also available for flexible customization.
Product Advantages

Three Specifications

Horwin provide the optional batteries with 3 specifications -72V/27Ah, 72V/36Ah, and 72V/46Ah.

Two Materials

LFP battery with low cost and long service life; NCM battery with stronger power and higher energy density.

High Security

AEC-Q certified battery cell, 30 BMS function protection.


Waterproof rating can be IPX7.

Less Weight

Lighter than lead-acid batteries, and much portable.
High customizability of batteries
Battery capacity, power performance, color scheme, SaaS services and functions can be flexibly customized according to demands.
Product Specification


  72V27AH 72V46AH 72V36AH
 Battery pack nominal capacity 27Ah 46Ah  
 Nominal Voltage  72V 72V 72V
 Charging temperature range O-50℃ 0-55℃  
 Discharging temperature range -20-60℃ -20-65℃ -20-60℃
 Battery Final Dimension 266*158*289.5mm±1mm  332*319*258.5mm±2mm 332*319*258.5mm±2mm
 Weight ≤19kg ≤32kg ≤32kg
 Waterproof level IPX7



-20-45°℃ (≤3 months)
 Storage Temperature -20-60℃ (≤1 months)
-20-40℃ (≤3 months)
-20-20℃ (≤1 year)
-20-45°℃(≤3 months)
25±5°℃(≥3 months)
-20-45°℃(≤3 months)
25±5°℃(≥3 months)
 Storage Humidity 0-70%RH ≤65%RH 0-70%RH

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