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Max Range 161km

2 Batteries


Top Speed


Maximum Load
Big seat cushion
The large and soft seat ensures fatigue-free and comfortable riding on longer journeys.
Intelligent display
The EK3DS can be started with a swipe of the finger on the display. The display also shows all the necessary information that is importantduring the journey.
Ingenious space concept
The large foot board and wide seat are ergonomically designed. Upper body and legs are relaxed. This means that the EK3DS offers a more comfortable riding experience.



Motor Type

Centre Motor

Hub Motor
  Max. Range
(EEC test)
76km (1 battery with 36Ah)
150km (2 batteries with 36Ah)
83km (1 battery with 36Ah)
161km (2 batteries with 36Ah)
  Charging Time 4.5h 4.5h
  Max. Speed 95km/h 45km/h
(optional with second battery)
72V,36Ah 72V,36Ah
  Max. Power 6.2kW 2.8kW
  Braking System CBS oil brake Disc brake
  Weight 284kg 281kg
  Tyre Front:100/80-14
* In the dual-battery version, a battery can be purchased on the basis of the single-battery version to obtain a higher range.
Taking EK1 as an example, a 36AH battery can be purchased on the basis of a 36AH single-battery version.
For more details, please contact your local dealers/shops.

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