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Full-Scenario SaaS Toolkit Customization Service
Motorcycle Controlling App
This App is intended for end users, which achieve the remote control and management by connecting the VCU on motorcycle via Bluetooth. Users can monitor, locate, lock, unlock, start and shut down the motorcycle whenever and wherever necessary on a mobile device such as mobile phone or tablet.
Repair Tool APP
The repair tool app is designed for repair technicians and store service personnel. It connects to the vehicle's VCU via Bluetooth and performs diagnostic and other operations on the vehicle.
SaaS with IoV
The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is an innovative cloud service model designed for modern automotive management and intelligent mobility, and integrates the IoT, big data analysis and AI technology to achieve real-time monitoring, health management, remote diagnosis and fine management throughout the life cycle of motorcycles.
Leasing SaaS
Motorcycle leasing SaaS (Software as a Service) is a integrated cloud-based management platform designed for the electric motorcycle leasing industry.  
The system completely integrates several core function modules, including operator management, rider management, motorcycle management, marketing management, lease order management, fund settlement management and financial management, which help electric motorcycle leasers to realize the intelligent auto business processes.
Saas In Battery Charging/Swapping Business
The SaaS (Software as a Service) system is a cloud-based integrated operation management platform designed for the battery charging/swapping service, which integrates a number of functional modules such as operator management, user management, battery management, marketing management, charging and replacing order management, fund settlement management, and financial management, which assists customers in achieving automated and intelligent business processes to improve overall operational efficiency.

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