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Leasing SaaS

Motorcycle leasing SaaS (Software as a Service) is a integrated cloud-based management platform designed for the electric motorcycle leasing industry. . The system completely integrates several core function modules, including operator management, rider management, motorcycle management, marketing management, lease order management, fund settlement management and financial management, which help electric motorcycle leasers to realize the intelligent auto business processes.

Operator Management

It includes a hierarchical operator management system, which covers different roles, such as headquarters, regional branches and franchisees, and provides unified functions like background authority management, performance assessment, data statistics etc., so as to ensure the efficient collaborative operation of the entire leasing network.

Rider Management

The system can realize the efficient manage among uses by real-name authentication, credit evaluation and etc., while offer the riding data analysis, behavior monitoring and service evaluation, to ensure the safety of riders and service quality.

Motorcycle Management

Real-time monitoring: Track the location and status of each motorcycle by real-time, to prevent the risk of theft; · Health management: Automatically collect and analyze key indicators such as battery SOC and motor status, to offer the warning of any possible faults in advance; · Remote motorcycle locking: In case of emergency or overdue return, the motorcycle can be locked remotely to ensure the asset security. · Remote diagnosis: Achieve remote fault diagnosis by IoT technology to reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve response speed.

Marketing Management

It offer a lot of built-in marketing toolkit, such as launch of coupon, gift of recharging, monthly packages, to attract new customers and keep old users, and the marketing strategies can also be flexibly adjusted based on the market feedback.

Lease Order Management

It leads to the intelligent distribution of motorcycle resources, optimized allocation of orders, and it’s equipped with the function of the automated rent collection, which will reduce the pressure of manual management, and ensure the timely of corporate incomes.

Fund Settlement Management

It accurately calculates all types of expenses, including rent, deposit, fines, provides a clear record of fund flows, and automatically completes the financial settlements between operators and riders from all levels.

Financial Management

Provide comprehensive and detailed report statistics covering dimensions such as revenue, costs, profits, etc., to facilitate enterprise understanding of operational status and making scientific decisions; at the same time, support convenient invoice querying and reconciliation functions to meet internal audit and external regulatory requirements.

Data Board

All types of operational data are visually displayed in the form of graphic diagrams and charts to help managers quickly grasp the overview of business and obtain insight into business development trends, and to provide strong data support for strategic planning and daily operations.
The platform empowers enterprises by integrated and digital means, comprehensively improves operational efficiency and service quality while reducing operating costs, which will significantly facilitate customers to take an advantageous position in the competition on the market of shared transportation service.

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