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Outstanding Acceleration and Environmentally-friendly An Authentic Motorcycle Powered by Electricity

8.64kW Peak Power

4.43s 0-50 Acceleration

22° Maximum Climbing Angle

With Peak Power And Maximum Torque Above Others Of The Same Grade

Double Battery Packs Available

Double The Endurance

Fashionable And Dynamic Style

Simple And Smooth Lines

Ergonomic Design

The Rider Triangle And Ergonomic Dimensions Are Designed For Occidental

Noise-Reduced Riding Experience

The Latest GATES PowerGrip + Belt Wheel Complete Transmission System Effectively Reduces Noise

Equipped With A New BMS 2.0 System

New BMS 2.0 System Can Increase Energy Efficiency By Up To 18%

Front And Rear Hydraulic Pressure Springs For Damping

Smooth Controls And Rapid Acceleration

Configured For Safety And Effortless Controllability

Combined Braking System (CBS)
High-quality K195B Frame
Improved Stability
Over 2 million vibration tests and more than 6,000 km of actual road tests under diverse road conditions bring you a safe and steady riding experience.
Front and Rear Hydraulic Pressure Springs for Damping
Smooth Controls and Rapid Acceleration
With front and rear hydraulic pressure springs for damping, this model glides securely and smoothly—even on the bumpiest of roads. A comfortable riding experience has been crafted from adjustments made following 100,000 durable damping tests.
Configured for Safety and Effortless Controllability
Combined Braking System (CBS)
The distribution of braking force on the front and rear wheels is carefully configured to effectively shorten the braking distance and improve stability. Arrive safely and comfortably for every journey.
Leapfrog Power for Faster Speeds
With peak power and maximum torque above others of the same grade, the double performance of the SK3 PLUS shows the strength of this genuinely powerful electric motorcycle.


0-50 Acceleration


Peak Power


Maximum Climbing Angle *

100 KM/h

Top Speed


Maximum Torque
Easy to Engage One-button Reverse Gear
Equipped with “Mode R” reverse mode for easy reversing
Noise-reduced Riding Experience
The latest GATES PowerGrip + belt wheel complete transmission system effectively reduces noise, enabling an immersive riding experience and prolonging the motorcycle’s lifespan.
Double Battery Packs Available
Double the Endurance
Y-CABLE is provided as the standard configuration, but you can select the single-battery/double battery version. The extended mileage up to 130km enables you to travel with peace of mind. At the same time, the double battery can be simultaneously discharged and charged in parallel.

Endurance mileage (WMTC) up to 130km
Available for double 72V45Ah battery packs
High Trafficability for Comfortable Cruising
Equipped with 14-cun tires, this model can run under a variety of road conditions. By effectively mitigating the effects of bumps from cobblestone, brick, and other road surfaces, a new and smoother riding experience is achieved.
Rich Riding Modes
Three Riding Modes Designed For Different Riding Requirements
Economic Mode
Maximizes Vehicle Endurance By Saving Energy While Maintaining Decent Speed Performance
Sliding Mode
Enables Urban Cruising Without Speed Limitations And With Full Torque Output
Sports Mode
Fully Realizes Maximum Power And Performance
Equipped With A New BMS 2.0 System Radical Improvements
A new BMS 2.0 system can increase energy efficiency by up to 18%, the maximum speed can reach up to 100km/h, and mileage can reach up to 130km (2 batteries).
Ergonomic Design
Three Riding Modes Designed For Different Riding RequirementsThe rider triangle and ergonomic dimensions are designed for occidental, ensuring optimal seat comfort and stability.

753mm Seat Length
345mm Seat Width
775mm Seat Height

Dual Day And Night Modes

Dual Day And Night Modes

Easy And Convenient

Easy And Convenient

Full LED Headlight

Light Up Even Broad Roads

USB-A Charge Functionality

No Need To Worry About Your Mobile Phone’s Battery Life

Multi-Space Storage Design

Abundant Storage Space Is Enabled With The Seat, Glove Box, And Hook Buckle

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