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SaaS with IoV

The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is an innovative cloud service model designed for modern automotive management and intelligent mobility, and integrates the IoT, big data analysis and AI technology to achieve real-time monitoring, health management, remote diagnosis and fine management throughout the life cycle of motorcycles.
Vehicle Networking Architecture

Real-time Motorcycle Monitoring

The system can obtain and integrate various types of on-cycle sensor real-time data, including but not limited to, GPS information, speed, mileage, SOC and other key performance indicators, so that to provide 24-hour motorcycle tracking and track playback.

Motorcycle Health Management

By constantly monitoring of the motorcycle, the system can analysis the health of the motorcycle, predict the potential risk of failure, and provide maintenance suggestions to ensure the best riding condition, extend its life, and reduce maintenance costs.

Remote Motorcycle Diagnosis

Based on advanced vehicle-mounted communication technology and background diagnosis system, SaaS in IoV can realize the remote fault diagnosis, quickly identify and locate possible problems in motorcycle, guide the on-site or remote maintenance operations, which saves a lot of time on troubleshooting and improves service quality.

Motorcycle Life Cycle Management

During the whole process from purchase, use to maintenance, the IoV SaaS platform helps users carry out a comprehensive motorcycle management, including reminder of insurance, maintenance record tracking, and disposal, which realize the maxim value of assets.

Large Display Screen

To meet the internal operation needs of enterprises, the system is committed to large-size customized visual data screen, which can convert complex data into visual diagrams and charts, so that it will be easier for manage team to have a visual knowledge of the real-time operation of the motorcycle and improve the efficiency of manage.

Alarm and Notification Mechanism

A safety warning system is installed also, so that when there is any abnormal riding behavior (such as over-speeding, fatigue riding), mechanical failure or expiry of maintenance cycle, the system will immediately trigger an alarm by informing relevant responsible person via SMS, email or deliver in App to ensure that proper safety measures will be taken timely.
Function Page
IoV SaaS provides customers with a comprehensive service solution which integrates intelligent monitoring, health management, and remote diagnosis, and it will improves the overall operation management efficiency and customer satisfaction based on powerful and flexible motorcycle life cycle management and real-time alarm functions.

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