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One-Stop IoT Solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) platform is the core infrastructure for building and managing the IoT ecosystem, where various hardware, software, and services are integrated, and is designed to connect and manage a large number of smart devices, sensors, and other physical objects scattered in different environments. .IoT platforms collect data from these end devices by various communication protocols (such as MQTT, CoAP) and transfer the data to the cloud for storage, processing, and analysis.
Solution Architecture

Device Connection And Management

It allows the secure access and authentication for various types of devices, and the registration of large-scale device, the monitoring of device status, remote control, and updates of firmware.

Data Collection

It obtains structured or unstructured data, such as temperature, humidity, location information, device operating status, from various IoT terminals in a real-time or periodical manner.

Data Processing and Analysis

It uses big data technology to clean, integrate and pre-process massive device data, while provide data analysis tools to extract valuable information and insights, allowing real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance functions.

Application Development and Extension

It provides API interfaces and services for developers to simplify the application development process, so that enterprises can quickly create customized IoT solutions to different scenarios, such as motorcycle leasing, battery swapping and etc.

Guarantee of Security

It implements end-to-end data encryption, access control, and security audit mechanisms to ensure the security of IoT networks and data.

Visualization and Reporting

The App provides abundant visual interfaces to help corporate users intuitively understand device data and business processes, and generates processable reports and warning information.
Features of IoT platform architecture
  • Years of experience in developing IoT architecture, designed for high concurrency, constantly optimized and upgraded infrastructure for stable and reliable operation.
  • Access, analysis, business logic processing, persistent rule-based engine, data delivery, complete separation of all modules, and dynamic horizontal expansion.
  • Dynamic protocol parsing engine, and access to new device protocols within 1 hour.
  • Extensive experience in global deployment acceleration to facilitate global business development.
Technical advantages of IoT platform
  • MQTT, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, ModBus.
  • Response in milliseconds.
  • Multi-data center deployment, unique accelerated protocols used for data penetration, data routing, and data forwarding.

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